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Art Resource Library for Art Teachers

Join to Meet & Collaborate with Art Instructors & Teachers and get access to my Art Resource Library with new bundles of Art Lessons added EACH MONTH! Year Planned! No Stress! FREEDOM!


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Benefits of Joining the Artastic Collective

Founded by Kathleen McGiveron (Ms Artastic), my mission is to provide you with prepared art lessons, resources, and activities that will allow you to free up your time and live your life, whether that means traveling, pursuing your hobbies, or spending time with your family. You should be able to be an instructor or teacher and be able to have the time to LIVE life. With this membership, you will receive teaching ideas, inspiration, and guidance to help you navigate and problem-solve in your classroom or studio. This membership will give you the freedom to create art with kids, live your life, and will help you engage your students with art lessons. This membership is intended for Elementary & Middle School Teachers.

Art Resource Library

Fully planned Art Lessons and Resources (that cover standards and include assessments and rubrics) will be given to you both weekly and monthly and you will have access to a library of previously released resources. Each month I’ll release NEW Art lessons to the collective for you to use in your classroom and they’ll be available to you as long as you have your membership. The NEW resources added each month will be a combination of resources that are EXCLUSIVE to the Artastic Collective, and ones that can also be found in my TpT store. I create resources for primary, elementary, and middle school levels.


You will gain access to a Private Community. By joining, you will have access to our membership community forum where you can talk with other art teachers and get my help any time. Get help, learn, and grow through tutorials, virtual meet-ups, and the community forum! You can chat with the members or myself in the forums and join us for live Q & As or meet-ups online! There are LIVE Q+As and Virtual Meet-ups. I'll host monthly LIVE Q+As through Zoom events in the membership and I'll answer your burning questions.

Confidence & Freedom

Build your confidence. Have confidence because you will know how to engage your students. I'm here to help you grow in this collective and I'll provide you with art lessons and resources to make that happen. 

With the Artastic Collective Membership, you will have the freedom and energy to explore your own passions, spend time with your family, and LIVE life. Lesson planning takes a lot of time out of your personal life. Endless evenings working, weekends prepping. You need to be able to have time for YOU and I'm here to simplify things so that you CAN.

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Get FREE Elements of Art Posters!

Join my newsletter & receive FREE Elements of Art Posters for your classroom and notifications for when registration to the Artastic Collective will open! It only opens for a limited time a couple times a year!

Learn more about the Artastic Collective

...and get to know me, Kathleen McGiveron, your personal Art Teaching & Instructing Coach and Friend!

Exclusive Art Lessons

Each month, I'll create art resources and lessons that cover standards and include assessments that are catered to what you need. That means that the library will always continue to grow and evolve over time! Some are lessons will be exclusive to the membership and will not be found anywhere else in Artastic Nation, and some will also be released to my TpT store at a later date. Tons of Art Lessons at your finger tips, ready to use!!! All the convenience and clarity you will ever need!

**Plus, you get access to all the previous content inside the Artastic Collective when you join.

July Calendar of FREE Art Teacher/Instructor Events & Resources

Back to School is coming and that also means planning for the upcoming school year! Sometimes it is hard to know where to start! That is why I’ve created a month of FREE Art Lessons and Teaching Resources to help you with planning and prepping for Back to School! I’ll create the lessons for you so that you can use them, ready to go, in the new school year. To kick start this month, we will start with the Artastic Teaching Challenges to get you focused and give you direction for planning.  As well, I’ll provide four art lessons that you can watch, make an example for yourself, and use the video lesson in YOUR classroom. Finally, there will be new blog posts coming each week that include either an art project tutorial or an interview with an art teacher. You can find all the resources and when they will be released in my July Calendar of Artastic Events, which is clickable and will take you to the right place! 


Join the Artastic Collective Membership!

Enrollment is only open for a limited time! As well, this is the GRAND OPENING LAUNCH so membership will be at the LOWEST price ever! Yes, you get to keep this low cost as long as you hold onto your membership! All your teaching needs will be fulfilled and you will be able to be planned and ready to go through the year! Live your life!

Kathleen McGiveron (aka Ms Artastic)

My name is Kathleen and I am Ms Artastic. I am a teacher and artist in Canada and I strongly believe in allowing students the opportunity to be creative, explore and experiment, and make mistakes. I also have two cats who are named Russel and Audrey. As Ms Artastic, I design art resources, projects, and curriculum for teachers from kindergarten to middle school, as well as apparel for art teachers through Ms Artastic’s Collection. I attended Emily Carr University of Art and Design and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts with a Visual Arts Major, as well I attended Simon Fraser University where I received a Bachelor of Education with a Secondary Teaching minor. I am also a professional artist. I go by the name Kathleen McGiveron. I create low brow ceramic sculptures that are creepy and cute. I frequently show my art in British Columbia, Canada, in both commercial and public galleries.

Private Community

It's your direct line to working with me and other art teachers and instructors on a daily basis. Ask your questions and get answers from me and others. In the community we're sharing what we learn in our classrooms, what is working, highlights, asking for help or advice, providing links to new articles or tutorials, and having deep conversation when something feels like it's not working. We're also just here to chitchat and to bounce ideas off each other. Tired of giant Facebook groups where you feel like your question gets lost? Not here! We're all kind here. I believe in diverse and inclusive communities. There are no dumb questions.

LIVE Q+As and Virtual Meet-ups. 

Once a month, I hop on a coaching call with you and the other members. We stream via Zoom for a live Q+A. I'll answer your questions that you have asked prior to the call, and we can discuss any new ones that arise. You have my ear. I'll host monthly LIVE Q+As through Zoom events for members-only and I'll answer your burning questions. As well, we will have virtual membership meet-ups where we can just chitchat and have fun!

Join the Waitlist!

So what are you waiting for?

Join and get access to all of this with a monthly subscription! MEMBERSHIP IS CURRENTLY CLOSED TO ENROLLMENT. I open registration twice a year so it is important that you join the waitlist to know the EXACT DATES enrollment is open! Next enrollment will be in January 2021.


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