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Founded by Kathleen McGiveron (Ms Artastic), my mission is to provide you with prepared art lessons, resources, and activities that will allow you to free up your time and live your life, whether that means traveling, pursuing your hobbies, or spending time with your family. You should be able to be an instructor or teacher and be able to have the time to LIVE life. With this membership, you will receive teaching ideas, inspiration, and guidance to help you navigate and problem-solve in your classroom or studio. This membership will give you the freedom to create art with kids, live your life, and will help you engage your students with art lessons. 



The Artastic Collective Membership offers a community, virtual Q+A’s and meet-ups, and art lessons that I’ve created. This membership is a wonderful option for art teachers teaching Primary to Middle School Art. Get my art lessons (which include lesson plans, student handouts, assessment, full step-by-steps and more) to save you time and give you freedom, and to have fun, creative art projects to make with your students in your classroom. The AC Membership is a monthly membership, making it affordable and convenient with new art lessons coming each month! You got this art teacher!
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Once you've joined, you will be able to see a Library that has different sections or categories. In there is the "Community" which is the forums where you can talk to me and the other members in different topics. I have some categories that give you new content (full bundles or art units) each month such as my "Elements of Art & Principles of Design", "Artists & Art History", and "Themes" categories. Other categories have content available all the time, such as my "Holidays & Seasonal", "Sketchbooks", and "Ceramics & Sculpture" category. In addition to this, I am always creating and adding new resources! The membership is ever-growing and evolving. There are lots of resources for you to choose from, to provide you with years of fully planned art lessons. 

I also have created a course inside the membership that will give you challenges to complete each month. You will build your passport when you complete your challenges each month, and finally you will earn a prize at the end of each year! These takes will help you grow, evolve, prepare, and focus your art teaching practice. 

In addition to this, I host monthly Virtual Q+A meetings! I'll also host virtual meet-ups and art making events!

Join the Membership & Receive:

-Art Resource Libraries that are a combination of resources you can access at any time & bundles of resources that are also added monthly! The art resource libraries are always growing each month as I create new art resources for you! Libraries are made up of resources that are EXCLUSIVE to the membership and those that are found in my TpT store as well.
-Community (gain access to the members-only forum!)
-Monthly Challenges! Complete your Learning Passport in your Journey to Success each year for a prize!
-Live Q+As & Virtual Meet-Ups
-Professional Development! Receive access to Art Teacher Interviews & Webinars
-Confidence to Teach & Engage your students with art lessons that encourage creativity & exploration of mediums!



I create high quality, complete art resources. All my resources are either in PDF or Video format (with the exception of my Digital & Print resources that can be offered to students on Google Slides in addition to the PDF). When you are a member, you can expect to see the art lessons as downloadable PDFs. When you open them, you can expect a Lesson Plan, assessment, student handouts such as a step-by-step guide, and a full Visual & Steps tutorial for you to use or to show to students to help create the art project. I show ALL the steps with my resources! Once you've downloaded the lesson, you can print off what you want, or project the resource in your classroom and scroll through the steps and show your students (or do the demonstration yourself!). 

You can preview my art resources in my TeachersPayTeachers store where you can see what they look like. The resources in my store that are also found in my AC Membership are labeled in the product description. There are FREE examples in my TpT store and you can download them to see what my style is like, or purchase an art lesson to see a more accurate example before you make your decision.



My name is Kathleen and I am Ms Artastic. I am a teacher in Canada and I strongly believe in allowing students the opportunity to be creative, explore and experiment, and make mistakes. I also have two cats who are named Russel and Audrey. As Ms Artastic, I design art resources, projects, and curriculum for teachers from kindergarten to middle school, as well as apparel for art teachers through Ms Artastic’s Apparel. I attended Emily Carr University of Art and Design and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts with a Visual Arts Major, as well I attended Simon Fraser University where I received a Bachelor of Education with a Secondary Teaching minor. I am also a professional artist. I go by the name Kathleen McGiveron. I create low brow ceramic sculptures that are creepy and cute. I frequently show my art in British Columbia, Canada, in both commercial and public galleries.


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