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Artastic Collective Provides Educators with Creative K-9 Art Lessons & Projects Kids Love and GivesĀ Teachers the Freedom from Lesson Planning. I Provide the Lessons, You TeachĀ without the Stress of Planning

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Lesson Planning Doesn’t Have To Be Time-Consuming

The Artastic Collective is an all-in-one Art Curriculum for Educators that solves all lesson planning needs! Lesson planning requires a lot of your time and energy to make every minute in the classroom count. And there are days when you just don’t have the inspiration to come up with something that truly sparks the interest in your students’ eyes. Don’t you think it’s time for a change?


Why Choose The Artastic Collective:

āœ… It provides you with all the lesson plans needed for a whole year of teaching, promising to make Art the most interesting and fun subject in your school’s curriculum

āœ… It integrates Elements of Art and Principles of Design so that you have an array of teaching resources to work with

āœ… It combines Art History to provide your students with a rounded education and cover the Art Curriculum in the most fun and engaging way

Become The Best Educator You Can Be

Your online library will grow every month with new resources so that you will never again feel like you’re stuck in a rut about what to teach next. You will also become part of our community forum and enjoy a year-long professional development course to reach your full potential as an Art Teacher.

Art Lessons and Tutorials

Receive monthly access to fully planned lessons and videos. These resources include video tutorials, include assessments, and rubrics. This means you can focus on things that are near and dear to you, knowing you have all your bases covered. With each month, you'll gain new bundles and watch as your diverse and balanced library grows and grows. 


  • Eliminate lesson planning once and for all
  • Step-by-step slide tutorials or video lessons
  • Detailed lesson plans
  • Student handouts 
  • Reflection & Assessment Pages

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Make Your Students Love Art

Have new ideas ready and clearly outlined for every lesson to inspire your students and trigger their imagination to express themselves.

Broaden Your Students’ Cultural Horizon

Explore a range of artistic mediums and cultural elements from all over the world while teaching your students about key moments in art history in a fun way

Show Your Students How To Appreciate Art

Make Students understand the importance of art and develop the confidence to express their own opinions about artists’ work.


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Exclusive Art Teacher Growth Course

Learning never ends, especially for teachers and instructors. Discover vital information to help you plan your ENTIRE YEAR and grow as a teacher and connect with your class in new and exciting ways. This course is about helping you increase your confidence, teaching abilities, and support system. Start growing as an instructor today by signing up now.  

  • Strengthen resolve 
  • Increase confidence 
  • Learn insightful methods 

I'll cover topics such as lesson planning, organizing, productivity, assessment, reflective teaching practices, total participation, critiques, fast finishers, classroom management, and more in this packed course that is EXCLUSIVE to the members of the Artastic Collective!

Penny A.

I’m my school’s art teacher as well as having a full time classroom of 1st and 2nd graders. I have come to depend on Ms. Artastic for my art lessons. I’m not a trained art teacher and she lays out everything in wonderful detail. My students are loving her art lessons! Thank you so much!


Wonderfully easy projects with great visuals, lots of choices, can morph the lesson to meet the level of my student, projects don't take long to complete which keep students engaged and excited. Thank you!

Art Projects that kids WANT to make.

Easily engage your students with creative art lessons that are created with student's interests in mind that are already fully planned.

Supportive Art Community

Join a group of like-minded individuals to support, help, and grow with each other. Having a set of peers, you can talk to and share stuff with is imperative. Ask questions, talk to one another, bounce ideas, and so much more! You will always be welcomed in our diverse and inclusive community. 

  • Connect with peers
  • Build friendships 
  • Learn and grow 


Suzannah R.

I teach Art in a Title I Elementary School. I am also mother and am teaching from home due to the COVID pandemic. I've used Ms.Artastic's lesson before on TPT. I'm all about using quality prepared art lessons to help simplify my planning and busy teacher life. The quality of Kathleen's lessons never disappoint: they are culturally diverse, have high quality visuals, and reference National Standards. When I saw she was launching a monthly "Lesson Subscription" I decided to give it a try. I am so glad I did! The subscription is a treasure trove of lessons and teacher resources. I plan my lessons out using the Artastic Collective; it saves me so much time and stress as I balance the usual demands of teaching with parental responsibilities to my daughter. I am so glad to be part of the Artastic Collective!

New resources every month

You will never run out of material to teach as new resources are uploaded constantly to make the lesson an unforgettable experience for your little artists

Flexible Lesson Planning

An assortment of lesson plans that you can tailor to your students’ needs according to their level and their learning style to boost their imagination and confidence

Create a classroom full of creativity

Adopt the Artastic way of teaching Art, discover a new range of teaching opportunities, and get a different perspective for your lesson


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Take your teaching to the next levelĀ andĀ feel the weight of planning and organizing fall right off your shoulders. This membership is more than information -Ā it's a transformation.Ā 


It's about growing as an educatorā€¦

It's about having more time to do what you loveā€¦

Ā It's about belonging to a community that understands youā€¦Ā 


IĀ offer enrollment twice a year, so you have a limited time to sign up and experience the many wonders of pre-planned, ready-for-you content.


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...And receive FREE Elements of Art Posters for your classroom!

"We don't make mistakes, just happy little accidents"

-Bob Ross