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Shop Hundreds of Art Lessons

Discover Powerful, Relevant, and Creative Art Resources for your Classroom in the Ms Artastic TPT store. Find art lessons individually and as bundles and use them instantly in your classroom!


Art Teacher Academy

Art Teacher Academy is a comprehensive Professional Development, training course, designed to help you achieve art teacher excellence through learning systems and proven strategies for lesson planning and structuring lessons, planning your scope and sequence, proactive classroom management and strategies for unexpected student behavior, learn to energize students for increased motivation and engagement, participation techniques, and developing the understanding of the importance of art education in your school community, so that you can experience increased happiness, confidence, and less frustration and stress.


Art Project Membership

Art Project Membership offers a unique and enriching opportunity for educators and homeschooling parents to bring the world of art into their teaching environments with ease and excitement. This innovative membership provides monthly access to exclusive, carefully designed art projects suitable for various age groups, ensuring that every child can explore their creativity and learn new skills. Each project comes complete with step-by-step video tutorials, detailed lesson plans, and a wealth of digital resources, allowing educators to save precious planning time while delivering engaging and educational art experiences. Whether you're looking to inspire your students with new artistic challenges or integrate art into your curriculum seamlessly, Art Project Membership is the perfect tool to enhance your teaching and spark joy and creativity in every lesson.


Art Curriculums & Art Lessons

Artastic Collective | Art Curriculum Membership 

Learn My 3 Phase Proven Process to Setting up and Planning your Year with Success and Confidence using my Art Curriculum and the included EXCLUSIVE Art Educator Course. I will help you plan everything from planning BTS, the First Week, planning your Year, Assessment, Reflective Teaching Practices, Proactive Classroom Management, to the End of Year and I will provide all the resources to make it possible.

Artastic Kids | Online Streaming Art Lessons

Artastic Kids is an online streaming service that is here to provide your family or classroom with a special membership! Ms Artastic’s videos will teach your kids or grandkids art in a fun and engaging way! 

Enjoy monthly art lesson videos that will inspire your children, let them embrace their inner artist, and allow you to spend some quality bonding time together!


Art Courses

Making Art with Kids

The Making Art with Kids Program is for anyone who needs AMAZING art lessons to teach art to kids whether you're a Teacher, Homeschool Parent, or a Studio Instructor! This course will provide you with 30 Art Lessons that will build your art teaching confidence, encourage creativity, and engage students that are EXCLUSIVE to M.A.K.

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100 Cartoons for Kids

Enroll in the 100 Cartoons for Kids Program to gain UNLIMITED access to 100 Cartoon Drawing videos presented by Ms Artastic! Ideal for kids wanting to learn how to draw at home at an affordable price, presented in an engaging medium! Or if you're a Teacher, you can use this course as your directed drawing instruction for the ENTIRE YEAR!

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Are you Ready to LOVE & Focus your Art Teaching Job?

The truth is that better classroom systems will not only help you feel happier and more relaxed, and in more control, but they will help you free up time and energy that you can spend on the things your WANT to do.

If you're struggling to know where to begin to transform your art teaching life to calm, clear, and focused, then my FREE Art Teacher Focused Guide is the step for you!