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Making Art with Kids

The Making Art with Kids Course for anyone who wants to teach art to kids whether you're a Teacher, Homeschool Parent, or a Studio Instructor! This course will provide you with 30 Art Lessons that will build your art teaching confidence, encourage creativity, and engage students.

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100 Cartoons for Kids

Enroll in 100 Cartoons for Kids to gain access to 100 Cartoon Drawing videos presented by Ms Artastic!

What you'll get:

  • 100 Drawing Videos EXCLUSIVE to this course
  • Confidence in your Drawing Abilities
  • The Opportunity to Level-Up your Drawing Skills

Ideal for kids wanting to learn how to draw at home at an affordable price, presented in an engaging medium! Or if you're a Teacher, you can use this course as your directed drawing instruction for the ENTIRE YEAR!

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Artastic Collective Membership

🎉 Join the Membership for Art Teachers that will save you time and provide you with culturally diverse lessons that are integrated with the Elements & Principles and Art History. 🌈 

🎨 Step-by-step tutorials
🎨 A Creative & Diverse Art Curriculum
🎨 Pre-planned content and resources
🎨 Proven course to help you grow as an instructor
🎨 Supportive community to connect and learn from

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