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The Artastic Collective Path to Affiliate Profit
with Purpose

The Artastic Collective membership is an Art Curriculum for educators that opens twice a year (once in August and once in January)

This membership site is an all-in-one resource for art teachers and instructors. They will have access to art lessons, proven projects, a year-long Art Teacher Growth course, and an invaluable community.

This membership is here to help provide educators with more time and opportunity to do what they love and less time handling the logistics, pre-planning, planning, and more. On top of that, it is also here to help support and provide community, which is much needed to learn, grow, and stay positive. 



The Artastic Collective Membership Retails for $430.99/year


Affiliate partners get 10% of every successful sale for yearly, monthly or any course registrations.

I â¤ï¸my partners, that’s why I am going to set you up with everything you need for success!

  • FREEBIES: A value-packed pre-launch runway with tons of great freebies to get your audience primed and ready to get a full curriculum of art lessons.
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  • ACCESS TO TESTIMONIALS: Pick and choose from testimonials from past and current members.