Frequently Asked Questions 

for the Artastic Collective, Art Teacher Membership



To better support Art Teachers, I created the Artastic Collective. Think of it like Netflix for Art Teachers, where you pay a monthly subscription and instead of movies, you receive big bundles of new art lessons!

With the Artastic Collective, Art Resource Library membership for art teachers, my mission is to provide you with prepared art lessons, resources, and activities that will allow you to free up your time and live your life, whether that means traveling, pursuing your hobbies, or spending time with your family. It will provide you with Fully planned Art Lessons and Resources (that cover standards and include assessments and rubrics) will be given to you monthly (as part of your subscription). You should be able to be an instructor or teacher and be able to have the time to LIVE life.

With this membership, you will receive teaching ideas, inspiration, and guidance to help you navigate and problem-solve in your classroom or studio. This membership will give you the freedom to create art with kids, live your life, and will help you engage your students with art lessons. This membership is intended for Elementary & Middle School Teachers.

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Who is Kathleen McGiveron (Ms Artastic)?

I am Kathleen McGiveron and I am both the founder and creator of all things Ms Artastic. I am a one woman show that creates everything from the art lessons and resources, my own websites including which is my blog, and the Artastic Collective which as you’ve just learned, is my membership site where you receive bundles of fully prepped art lessons each month that you can use immediately in your classroom. I also have my resources available in my TeachersPayTeachers store, Ms Artastic, and you can find it by searching Ms Artastic on TpT. I also run a podcast and I have a YouTube channel (both called Ms Artastic) which produces new episodes each week, or the podcast, which is biweekly. I am dedicated to YOU, Artastic Nation. I want to ensure that I can help you be productive, efficient, and fully planned, which will hopefully alleviate some of that art teaching stress as I help you plan your year.

Who is this membership for?

This membership is designed for Art Teachers, Art Educators, or Art Studio instructors. Anyone who teaches art to kids from the primary to middle school levels/ages.

What does it look like inside the membership?

Once you've joined, you will be able to see a Library that has different sections or categories. In there is the "Community" which is the forums where you can talk to me and the other members in different topics. I have some categories that give you new content (full bundles or art units) each month such as my "Elements of Art & Principles of Design", "Artists & Art History", and "Themes" categories. Other categories have content that will be released over a shorter period (6 months) in large chunks, such as my "Holidays & Seasonal", and "Ceramics & Sculpture" category. There are also the  "Professional Development" and "Sketchbooks" categories where the resources are available always. The membership is ever-growing and evolving. There are lots of resources for you to choose from, to provide you with years of fully planned art lessons. 

How long is the program?

The full experience of the Artastic Collective, Art Teacher Resource Library is 2 years. It takes 2 years for the hundreds and hundreds of art lessons to be released into your library. Each month, many bundles are added to your library to allow you a guided experience through the program. I have planned out your months for you so you don't need to worry about anything. You will retain access to the art lessons for as long as you hold your membership (subscription). At minimum, it is requested you stay for 1 full year. To receive all the lessons you must stay for the full 2 years.

What grades are the lessons for?

This program is designed for teachers who teach Primary, Elementary, and Middle School levels. I create lessons in this library for all three levels equally. I do not recommend this program for High School Art Teachers. I believe in transparency and honesty and this is my honest response.

How many lessons are released each month?

In the Elements & Principles, Themes, and Artists & Art History sections, 4 art lessons will be released into your library each month for 2 years. That's 24 months of art lessons, allowing you to have alternate year programs so kids have variety as they move through your art class each year. That is 12 art lessons per month from these 3 sections alone! Over 2 years, you will have received 288 art lessons from these 3 categories. 

But wait!! There is more....

In the first 6 months you will also receive hundreds of art lessons and resources from my other sections as well in massive chunks! You'll get lessons from Holidays & Seasonal, Ceramics, and Sketchbooks.

This is what I mean when I say... You will no longer have to plan. These are fully planned, with lesson plans, handouts, worksheets, rubrics... you name it!

At the end of the 2 years, expect to have 400+ fully planned art lessons, access to private forum, live coaching, monthly challenges, and a Year-Long Art Teacher Growth Course, a value over $3500 dollars offered to you at a massively discounted price! 

What is included with the Art Teacher/Studio Instructor Membership?

You will be receiving the following sections with your subscription:

  • Artists & Art History
  • Themes
  • Elements & Principles
  • Holidays & Seasonal
  • Sketchbooks
  • Ceramics & Sculpture
  • Community, Members-Only Forum & Live Q+As
  • The Classroom, Year-Long Art Teacher Growth Course
  • Journey of Success, Monthly Art Teacher Challenges
  • Professional Development, Webinar Replays & Art Teacher Interviews

What is "The Classroom" Year-Long Art Teacher Growth Course?

With this membership, you will also get access to The Classroom, which is my Year-Long Art Teacher Growth Course. Through the weeks, new lessons and resources will be released to you such as lesson plans, lessons to help you get organized, walk-throughs during times like back to school, or lessons on Grow Mindset, Total Participation Techniques, or inspiring your reluctant artists to create! These lessons will help you through your year as an art teacher or educator. As well, there will be lessons and handouts for you to fill out so you can document your thinking, growth, and successes.

In addition to this, some content that comes out will have resources for you to use in your classroom such as Creativity Challenges, Fast Finisher Activities, and Art Critique Resources & Reflections! Make sure you check out this part of the membership right away to get a head start on being the confident, organized, and amazing art teacher that you are. There is a lot of content for you to both absorb and use in "The Classroom" and of course, all of it will be focused on helping you or to be used in your classroom! 

What is the "Journey of Success"?

I have created an Art Teacher Challenge inside the membership that will give you challenges to complete each month. You will build your passport when you complete your challenges each month, and finally you will earn a prize at the end of each year! These tasks will help you grow, evolve, prepare, and focus your art teaching practice. 


What is included in your Art Resource Library?

Easily integrate Art History and the Elements and Principles of Art into your classroom with fully planned Art Lessons and Resources (that cover standards and include assessments and rubrics). Your library will grow each month because I’ll release NEW Art lessons to the collective for you to use in your classroom and they’ll be available to you as long as you have your membership. The NEW resources added each month will be a combination of resources that are EXCLUSIVE to the Artastic Collective, and ones that can also be found in my TpT store. I create resources for primary, elementary, and middle school levels.

I will provide you with a new bundle of art lessons (which are four, thoroughly planned art lessons at a variety of levels ) in my Art History, Themes, and Elements & Principles sections of my library each month for 2 years! That is a lot of art units to pick and choose from. Consider your search for ideas and inspiration, and endless lesson planning over! I have done it all for you and this curriculum will be available to you as long as you hold your membership. Of course, these lessons will include all the rubrics, assessment, handouts, lesson plans, and worksheets that you’d need to teach successfully. All lessons are either in slide format or are video art lessons. Pick and choose what you want to do, the choice is yours! Some bundles in Artists and Art History you might find are: Henri Matisse, Frida Kahlo, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Vincent van Gogh, and Ted Harrison just to start you off! In Artists and Art History you get a new Artist or Historical Movement each month. In Themes, bundles you will get bundles such as Growth Mindset art lessons, The Arctic, Social Emotional Learning, and the Basics or Essentials....AND MORE... which will give you the resources you need right away. Of course, these three will grow for 2 years so that is 24 bundles over a two year period for each of those categories as long as you retain your membership for that long.

Other resource libraries include Holidays & Seasonal, Sketchbooks, and Ceramics and Sculpture. These will be released in giant chunks over around a 6 month period. I’ve organized it so multiple seasons or holidays are released at a time to allow for the variety of seasons were all in. As we know, what is happening on one side of the world isn’t happening on the other, so I’ve taken that into consideration. To protect my work and resources, I’m releasing the resources you need during that season or holiday when they’re needed. Once they’re released to your library, you have them as long as you have your membership. Of course, this is a pay-as-you-go membership, so as you pay and as time goes, you get more resources added to your library. Each person’s library grows from the time that they joined. In general, resources are added to the libraries every 30 days.


Can you tell me about your Art Lessons?

I create high quality, complete art resources. All my resources are either in PDF or Video format (with the exception of my Digital & Print resources that can be offered to students on Google Slides in addition to the PDF). When you are a member, you can expect to see the art lessons as downloadable PDFs. When you open them, you can expect a Lesson Plan, assessment, student handouts such as a step-by-step guide, and a full Visual & Steps tutorial for you to use or to show to students to help create the art project. I show ALL the steps with my resources! Once you've downloaded the lesson, you can print off what you want, or project the resource in your classroom and scroll through the steps and show your students (or do the demonstration yourself!). 

You can preview my art resources in my TeachersPayTeachers store where you can see what they look like. The resources in my store that are also found in my AC Membership are labeled in the product description. There are FREE examples in my TpT store and you can download them to see what my style is like, or purchase an art lesson to see a more accurate example before you make your decision.


I am teaching remotely. Are these all digital art lessons?

While the files are all digital, they're designed for a teacher to instruct them. You can always film yourself demonstrating or teaching the lessons, but the majority of these lessons are designed for in class teaching. That being said, there ARE some introductory & themed art lessons that ARE designed for Distance or Remote learning and can be used with a Google Classroom and allow for student independent learning. It is a nice option to have and they're also great for unexpected closures or art teacher sub tubs. However, this art resource library has been designed as art lessons for art teachers teaching in person.

How does payment occur?

This is a subscription, either monthly or yearly. If you pick monthly, smaller amounts will be paid automatically each month. If you choose the discounted yearly price, payments will be automatic each year. Payments on both these plans will continue indefinitely until you cancel your subscription to my art resources library. Think of it like Netflix or Spotify... but with access to Art Resources!

Payment is automatically withdrawn each month. When you enroll/register for the membership, automatic payments are automatically created. Each month your membership fee will be automatically withdrawn or paid through either PayPal or Stripe (card) depending on what you chose to pay with. If payment fails or you cancel your subscription, membership will automatically cancel for you. Once it closes you will loose access to the resources. 

What do I pay with when enrollment opens?

I accept payments through PayPal, or to use a card, I also have Stripe for payments. These will both automatically set up your automatic payments for your yearly subscription.

Can my school pay for my membership?

Yes! But you should talk with them first... For example, you might want to enroll at work and they can enter the payment info for you, or perhaps they give you their credit card number for enrollment. Other people have had their school do the registration for them (and ask them to put in YOUR email address so you receive all the lovely email updates each month). 

Or if they offer to reimburse you, I would suggest registering for the YEARLY subscription so that way you can give them your invoice for 1 reimbursement each year.

My suggestion is to talk with your school or administrator and see what they would like to do if they're willing to support you.