Making Art with Kids

Art Curriculum

The Art Curriculum for anyone who wants to teach art to kids and is looking for creative, engaging, and easy-to-teach art lessons to kids between Grades 4 - 7!

*Perfect for Teachers & Homeschool Parents*


30 Art Lessons

Learn how to make 30 different creative and engaging art projects through my video tutorials! I'll show you how to make all 30 Art Projects! EXCLUSIVE to this course!

Art Resources Included

All 30 Art Projects include the accompanying resources such as the lesson plan, rubric, assessments, reflection, printable example, step-by-step and bulletin board display sign!

Save Time. Be Confident!

This course will take care of all your planning through providing you with 30 thorough art lessons and resources. Be confident as you teach because I'll guide you through all the steps!

About the Art Curriculum for kids

The Making Art with Kids Course for anyone who wants to teach art to kids whether you're a Teacher, Homeschool Parent, or a Studio Instructor! This course will provide you with 30 Art Lessons that will build your art teaching confidence, encourage creativity, and engage students. Perfect for Elementary Students!

All 30 Art Lessons are EXCLUSIVE to this course and will not be found anywhere else, such as the Artastic Collective Membership or my TpT Store. You can only access these lessons through this course :).


Join Making Art for Kids!

Get the curriculum that will provide you with 30 Art Video Tutorials that you can learn and teach to your kids! Includes all the accompanying resources for all the lessons such as your lesson plans, rubrics, and student handouts!

Teach Confidently. Encourage Creativity. Engage your Students!