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Join the other Art Teachers and receive:

✔️ Instant access to all the art lessons in my most popular Art Resource Libraries including: Holidays & SeasonalCeramics & Sculpture, and Sketchbooks

✔️ A new Art Bundle or Unit in the Elements & PrinciplesThemed Units, and Artists & Art History Art Resource Libraries

✔️ A members-only forum & monthly LIVE Q+As

✔️ Resources to help you get organized in your classroom

✔️ Monthly Art Teacher Challenges!

✔️ And create art projects your students will LOVE!



🗺️ Discover the art resources and lessons that will allow you to run your successful art classroom!


Remember, this is your LAST CHANCE to join in 2020! After this Grand Opening Launch, the price WILL go up! Enrollment is closing in a few days!


Join the Artastic Collective Membership!

With your membership, you can access an art resource library, with new resources being added to the community both weekly and monthly. This art resource library is made up of resources from my TpT store, and resources that I create EXCLUSIVELY for the Artastic Collective. This will take care of your lesson planning, allowing you to have clarity for what to teach, the convenience of clicking, printing, and teaching immediately, direction of where to go with your year long plan, and speeding lesson planning which will allow you to have your freedom back!

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In this Membership, you will receive...


An Art Resource Library:


The Art Resource Library will include fully planned Art Lessons and Resources (that cover standards and include assessments and rubrics) will be given to you both weekly and monthly and you will have access to a library of previously released resources. Each month I’ll release NEW Art lessons to the collective for you to use in your classroom and they’ll be available to you as long as you have your membership. The NEW resources added each month will be a combination of resources that are EXCLUSIVE to the Artastic Collective, and ones that can also be found in my TpT store. I create resources for primary, elementary, and middle school levels.




You will gain access to a Private Community. By joining, you will have access to our membership community forum where you can talk with other art teachers and get my help any time. Get help, learn, and grow through tutorials, virtual meet-ups, and the community forum! You can chat with the members or myself in the forums and join us for live Q & As or meet-ups online! There are LIVE Q+As and Virtual Meet-ups. I'll host monthly LIVE Q+As through Zoom events in the membership and I'll answer your burning questions.



Confidence & Freedom:


This Membership will allow you to…

  • Build your confidence. Have confidence because you will know how to engage your students. I'm here to help you grow in this collective and I'll provide you with art lessons and resources to make that happen. 
  • With the Artastic Collective Membership, you will have the freedom and energy to explore your own passions, spend time with your family, and LIVE life. Lesson planning takes a lot of time out of your personal life. Endless evenings working, weekends prepping. You need to be able to have time for YOU and I'm here to simplify things so that you CAN.



Who am I?

Hey there, I’m Kathleen McGiveron and I’m a professional artist, teacher, and the creator of Ms Artastic. As an artist, I create lowbrow artworks and have shown my work in both commercial and public galleries. I’m also Ms Artastic and I create art teaching resources and art lessons for Artastic Nation. If you’re an Art Teacher, Educator, or Art Studio Instructor, then this is for you! The Artastic Collective is a community where you can access a library of Art Resources and Lessons created by ME, Kathleen McGiveron, or by the name your most likely know me as, Ms Artastic.


What your Membership Includes:

Your membership includes:


Have instant access to all the art lessons in my most popular Art Resource Libraries including: Holidays & SeasonalCeramics & Sculpture, and Sketchbooks!

Once a month (from the time you join), you will receive a new Art Bundle or Unit in the Elements & PrinciplesThemed Units, and Artists & Art History Art Resource Libraries. You will also receive you next section in The Classroom Course and your next Monthly Challenge in your Journey of Success!

Each Art Lesson in the Artastic Collective Includes:
⚫Art Lesson Plans
Fully Illustrated, Step-By-Step Art Lesson Tutorials
⚫Visual Handouts for Students that include the steps for drawing/creating success!

For Every Month that you're an active member, you will receive access to the NEWEST art lessons that I add to my art resource libraries (such as in Ceramics & Sculpture or Holidays & Seasonal), PLUS a new Monthly Art Challenge, New Art Teacher Interviews, Articles, and Webinar Replays in my Professional Development library, and 3 New Art Bundles EACH MONTH (Elements & Principles, Themed Units, and Artists & Art History), and access to my LIVE Q+As and Virtual Meet-Ups!

Effortlessly create an art program with my easy-to-use art lessons in your classroom that encourage creativity, exploration of mediums and materials, and builds student confidence.

Get all the support, love, and art resources that you need to be successful!

The Most AFFORDABLE way to get Art Resources!

Say good-bye to your endless Pinterest & Instagram scrolling, seeing the SAME art projects over and over. I create lessons from my own imagination and ones that are inspired by artists in art history. I'll make sure you get the resources you need so that you are able to download, print and teach immediately! 

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Sections in the Membership

  • The Classroom (a course with resources to help you grow!)
  • Journey to Success (Monthly Art Challenges!!!)
  • Holidays & Seasonal (always available!)
  • Ceramics & Sculpture (always available!)
  • Artists & Art History (themed bundles of lessons released monthly)
  • Themes (themed art units released monthly)
  • Sketchbooks (always available!)
  • Elements & Principles (full art units & bundles released monthly)
  • Community: The Community Forum for discussions & collaboration!
  • Professional Development: Art Teacher Interviews & Webinars

Enrollment opens January 2021!

I'm sorry my lovelies but enrollment is now closed to new members this year! I have to help the current members of the Artastic Collective be shiny stars in our art teaching world! Registration isn't open forever. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to own the Ms Artastic Resources at an affordable, pay-as-you-go price!

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