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 The Proven Platform All Art Instructors and Teachers Need To Know About

Stop wasting time and frustrations dealing with the endless hassles and headaches of organizing, searching for new lesson ideas, scrolling through Facebook groups or Pinterest, and lesson planning.

Here at the Artastic Collective, I will handle all of that for you and so much more!


You will get to enjoy things like:

 -Step-by-step tutorials

-Pre-planned content and resources

-Proven course to help you grow as an instructor

-Supportive community to connect and learn from


That’s just the beginning!

Take your teaching to the next level and feel the weight of planning and organizing fall right off your shoulders. This membership is more than information - it's a transformation. 

The Perfect Art Teacher Curriculum


The Artastic Collective is the Ms Artastic Curriculum, all laid out for you, ready to use, in an easy-to-follow plan. I have curated the contents for things you might want to teach each month, but also provides you with a lot of lessons and variety so it will give you both guidance for what to teach and when, but also a lot of flexibility and choice. You see, I’ve taken my resources and created a membership site that will provide you with fully planned art lessons for your entire year. In fact, I’ve planned resources to be released over 2 years for you, allowing you to have freedom from planning… forever. I have made your lesson plans, your tutorials, and your student handouts. My 10 years of hard work is going to be available to you through this membership.


-Sketchbook Resources
-Ceramics & Sculpture Art Lessons
-Elements & Principles Art Lessons
-Artist & Art History Art Lessons
-Themed Art Lessons
-Professional Development
-EXCLUSIVE Art Teacher Growth Course
-EXCLUSIVE Members-Only Forum
-Art Teacher Challenges...

...all for a low monthly fee!

Art Curriculum

Fully-Planned Art Lessons, ready-to-use in your amazing Art Classroom!

Professional Development

Grow with my year-long course called "The Classroom" and my Professional Development resources that include Webinar Replays & Art Teacher Interviews.

Community & Support

Get support from our members-only community forum.

"Wonderfully easy projects with great visuals, lots of choices, can morph the lesson to meet the level of my student, projects don't take long to complete which keep students engaged and excited. Thank you!" 


Gerry-louise, Art Teacher

Art Projects that kids WANT to make.

Easily engage your students with easy to teach, creative art lessons that are created with student's interests in mind that are already fully-planned.


EXCLUSIVE Art Teacher Growth Course

(Valued at over $297 and is INCLUDED in your membership!)


Learning never ends, especially for teachers and instructors. Discover vital information to help you grow as a teacher and connect with your class in new and exciting ways. This course is about helping you increase your confidence, teaching abilities, and support system. Start growing as an instructor today by signing up now.  

-Strengthen resolve 

-Increase confidence 

-Learn insightful methods 

I'll cover topics such as lesson planning, organizing, productivityassessmentreflective teaching practices, total participation, critiques, fast finishers, classroom management, and more in this packed course that is EXCLUSIVE to the members of the Artastic Collective!

Journey of Success

Next, there is the Journey of Success, my Monthly Art Teacher Challenges! This is a Journey where each month you get a new CHALLENGE to complete! Each challenge will have you do a task that will help you be creative, planned, and organized so that you can be your best art teaching self! After each month, you get your "sticker" before the next challenge is released! Yes, it is a virtual sticker. Better for the planet and OH SO CUTE! 

Complete each challenge for a prize at the end of year!

Professional Development

Next, there is the Professional Development section of the membership. Here you can find Webinar Replays and Art Teacher interviews. It is a great resource in addition to the professional development you’d receive in The Classroom as it gives you the tools and insight to help you grow professionally as an art teacher.

Community Forum

Another bonus in addition to the resource library, which of course, I haven’t even gotten to yet because there is SO MUCH to dive into, is the Community forum. This is a forum for all members of Artastic Collective to talk, collaborate, ask questions, get answers, bounce around ideas, or whatever! Of course, members are all art teachers, so this is a unique area on the internet where you can talk with other art teachers. How often do we collaborate with staff but get to collaborate on art projects with them? 

In the community forum you can chat with me and the other members at ANY TIME. And it’s not like a Facebook group where there are like 30,000 or 50,000 members… no.

I will see you. We will see you. Collaborate in grade groups such as primary, elementary, or middle school. You can talk in the Back to School or End of Year forums to help you with those crazy times of the year… There are places for free chat and places to ask questions!

Penny A.

"I’m my school’s art teacher as well as having a full time classroom of 1st and 2nd graders. I have come to depend on Ms. Artastic for my art lessons. I’m not a trained art teacher and she lays out everything in wonderful detail. My students are loving her art lessons! Thank you so much!"

Esther M.

“I would say it's quite literally changed my life with all of the amazing variety, creativity and engaging style of lessons that are available for my students! I've never seen students be so excited to do art and even the students who struggle with school are THRIVING when it comes to the Artastic lessons! It's been such a life saver having this amazing VERY valuable membership!!!!! Cannot recommend enough! 11/10 !!!!!! Thank you MS ARTASTIC!!!!!”

Lesson Planning made Easy.

Consider your lesson planning days over. Pick a category of carefully curated art lessons in the Art Resource Library and teach.

The examples are already made. The display sign is done. The lesson plan is made. The worksheets, rubrics, reflections, and other forms of assessment are included.

Your time will be spent teaching. Have fun and get your freedom back.


Art History, Elements & Principles, and Themes Art Resources

(valued at over $1700 if you were to buy all of them individually)

Finally, there are the resource libraries. Easily integrate Art History and the Elements and Principles of Art into your classroom with fully planned Art Lessons and Resources (that cover standards and include assessments and rubrics). Each month I’ll release NEW Art lessons to the collective for you to use in your classroom and they’ll be available to you as long as you have your membership. The NEW resources added each month will be a combination of resources that are EXCLUSIVE to the Artastic Collective, and ones that can also be found in my TpT store. I create resources for primary, elementary, and middle school levels.

I will provide you with a new bundle of art lessons (which are four, thoroughly planned art lessons at a variety of levels ) in my Art History, Themes, and Elements & Principles sections of my library each month for 2 years! That is a lot of art units to pick and choose from. Consider your search for ideas and inspiration, and endless lesson planning over! I have done it all for you and this curriculum will be available to you as long as you hold your membership. Of course, these lessons will include all the rubrics, assessment, handouts, lesson plans, and worksheets that you’d need to teach successfully. All lessons are either in slide format or are video art lessons. Pick and choose what you want to do, the choice is yours! Some bundles in Artists and Art History you might find are: Henri Matisse, Frida Kahlo, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Vincent van Gogh, and Ted Harrison just to start you off! In Artists and Art History you get a new Artist or Historical Movement each month. In Themes, bundles you will get will be themes such as Growth Mindset art lessons, The Arctic, Social Emotional Learning, and the Basics or Essentials which will give you the resources you need right away. Of course, ALL THREE of these sections of my resource library will grow for 2 years so that is 24 bundles over a two year period for each of those categories as long as you retain your membership for that long.

Holidays & Seasonal 

(valued at over $1200 if you were to buy all of them individually)

Other resource libraries include Holidays & Seasonal, Sketchbooks, and Ceramics and Sculpture. These will be released in giant chunks over around a 6 month period. I’ve organized it so multiple seasons or holidays are released at a time to allow for the variety of seasons were all in. As we know, what is happening on one side of the world isn’t happening on the other, so I’ve taken that into consideration.  Once they’re released to your library, you have them as long as you have your membership. Of course, this is a pay-as-you-go membership, so as you pay and as time goes, you get more resources added to your library. Each person’s library grows from the time that they joined.

So... What are you waiting for?

To better support Art Teachers, I created the Artastic Collective. With the Artastic Collective, Art Resource Library membership for art teachers, my mission is to provide you with prepared art lessons, resources, and activities that will allow you to free up your time and live your life, whether that means traveling, pursuing your hobbies, or spending time with your family.

It will provide you with Fully planned Art Lessons and Resources (that cover standards and include assessments and rubrics) will be given to you. You should be able to be an instructor or teacher and be able to have the time to LIVE life. With this membership, you will receive teaching ideas, inspiration, and guidance to help you navigate and problem-solve in your classroom or studio. This membership will give you the freedom to create art with kids, live your life, and will help you engage your students with art lessons. This membership is intended for Elementary & Middle School Teachers.

So many Art Teachers are already RAVING about the Artastic Collective, Art Resource Library!


🤯 👉This Membership is OUTSTANDING.


Join the other Art Teachers and receive:

✔️ Instant access to art lessons in my most popular Art Resource Libraries including: Holidays & SeasonalCeramics & Sculpture, and Sketchbooks

✔️ A new Art Bundle or Unit in the Elements & PrinciplesThemed Units, and Artists & Art History Art Resource Libraries for 24 months!

✔️ EXCLUSIVE members-only forum 

✔️ Art Teacher Challenges

✔️ Professional Development

✔️ EXCLUSIVE Year-Long Art Teacher Growth Course

✔️ EXCLUSIVE Directed Drawing Show with Episodes exclusive to members (with no commercials!)

✔️ And create art projects your students will LOVE!



🗺️ Discover the art resources and lessons that will allow you to run your successful art classroom!


Remember, this is a time-sensitive opportunity and the only time you can join until August 2021! Enrollment is closing soon. Don't miss this golden opportunity!


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